SportsEngine Registration: Pure Athlete VC

2018-2019 PAV Club Assessments

Club Assessment Details



Jul 5, Aug 9, Sep 4 (18’s)

Jul 9, Aug 13, Sep 5 (17’s)

Jul 10, Aug 14, Sep 6 (16’s)

Jul 11, Aug 15, Sep 10 (15’s)

Jul 12, Aug 16, Sep 11 (14’s)

Jul 16, Aug 20, Sep 12 (13’s)

Jul 17, Aug 21, Sep 13 (12’s and 11’s)

The dates listed above are for Division Assessments ONLY.  Once the division for the participants age group has been filled, the assessments for that division will no longer be available.  It is important to be seen in July if possible. If participants wait until August or September, they will only be offered whatever divisions are left and may be placed in the reserve pool.

Player Assignment Process

Participants will need to attend a minimum of 3 assessments prior to being offered a contract with our club.  They must register for the division assessment first.  After the division assessment, participants will be assigned to a division (OPEN, USA, AMERICAN, OR PATRIOT).  Once they are assigned to a division, they will need to attend the team selection assessment for that division.  Participants will be notified via e-mail regarding the team they have been selected for and will then be invited to attend a team meet and greet which will give them an opportunity to meet their coaches and team mates.  At that time participants can either accept or decline our offer to join the team.

Tryout Location: Curtis Middle School (1530 Rivercrest Blvd, Allen)

Times:  5:30 -7:30 PM

Cost:  $35 (covers all 3 assessments)